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With a passionate approach to design, our in house artwork studio are on hand.

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Design Services We Provide

Using a variety of industry standard software, paired with the latest technology, we can provide a creative and practical solution tailored to you that effectively communicates your message.

Our artwork team will take your design from initial concept to a finalised product – Digital proofs are provided to ensure that every part of the design is exactly how you had envisaged it and information is presented in an eye catching and accurate way.

Different specifications and outputs are suitable for different applications; for example, a digital email footer is best viewed using the RGB colour space, whereas a printed flyer would have the best output if designed using CMYK. We can take care of all the technical aspects and various settings to ensure all printed products or digital filetypes are appropriate for their end use.

With extensive design and print knowledge, our experts in the artwork studio will ensure that our  print exceeds your expectations of quality. Designing with print in mind means we can create the most appealing design to ensure your final product looks the best it can, from business cards and labels, to large format designs, such as banners and signage.

Printing processes can be complex and different machinery is optimised for different processes. As part of our design services, we can preflight your files to ensure best compatibility in order to achieve high quality results. We will check the more technical aspects of your supplied files such as:

  • Checking typefaces are embedded and compatible
  • Images are the correct filetype
  • RGB and spot colours are converted where appropriate
  • Images are high enough resolution to avoid pixellation when printed at actual size
  • Margins/bleed/safe areas are adhered to
  • Page ordering is correct
  • Checking font sizes and text clarity for readability
  • Layers are correct (hidden layers, printed etc.) 

Preflighting can ensure that your file and raster image processor work in conjunction with one another to ensure the best finish possible on your print.

In order to keep the process as simple as possible for subsequent print runs, we keep your artwork securely stored for future use if requested, so that the next time your job is printed we can make amendments without additional costs for artwork origination.

We offer proof reading on any supplied files to ensure that there are no spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors. As the final pair of eyes to check over your work before the print run is undertaken, our proof reading service can help you avoid costly mistakes by eliminating any accidental errors. If you are not confident with copywriting, we are happy to check the tone, structure and consistency in your copy, and make suggestions to improve readability where appropriate.

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